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2 in 1 EMSculpt + Crylipolysis Machine KR-Cool001

2 In 1 EMSculpt + Crylipolysis Machine KR-Cool001 - Krlaser

Patented Refrigeration system, non-invasive way to eliminate fat.High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle body sculpting fat burning.

Treatment Theory

Coolsculpting & Muscle Training

CoolSculpting a non-invasive way to eliminate fat. Freezing fat leads to fat cell death. At the same time, combined with the teslasculpt function, it can better shape and increase muscle in a non-invasive way.

Principle of Cooling cryo


Principle of EMSlim/Teslasculpt



  • Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!
  • Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
  • Suitable for everyone – No anaesthesia – No surgery
  • Only a 30 minute walk in walk out procedure
  • Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart
  • Feels like an intensive workout
  • Safe with No downtime
  • Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
  • 16% average increase in muscle mass
  • Fat reduction

Before After


The electromagnetic field of HI-EMT can target the motor nerve cells and generate the action potential, which directlystimulates the muscle contraction.It can be said that “you can exercise while lying down.” In the 30 minute course of treatment, the muscle contracts 30000 times with high frequency and intensity, which can not be achieved in general exercise!The ultimate contraction of muscle needs a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells beside the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effective reduction of fat thickness



item Value
Place of Origin China
Model Number EMS17
Type HI-EMT cryo slimming machine
Brand Name Bomeitong
Certification ce
Feature Weight Loss, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, muscle building
Application For Commercial
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
Warranty 1 Year
Technology hiemt +cryolipolysis
Treatment area Body, abdomen,arm and so on
handles 4 handles
Service OEM/ODM
Function1 Muscle stimulator
Function2 Body slimming
Function3 Burns fat
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Pulse duration 300 μs
Application beauty salon and spa
Crylipolysis EMSlim High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle body sculpting fat burning muscle building hiemt slim cryolipolysis cryo ems machine KR-CE001 Gallery

2 In 1 EMSculpt + Crylipolysis Machine KR-Cool001 - Krlaser

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