ETCo2 Capnograph Monitor KR-ET01

Rapid Measurement/Reliability/Easy to Use/Rugged Design/Airway Adapter

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1.Rapid Measurement
It is ready to measure within 5 seconds; with End-tidal CO2 value shown after the first breath and Respiratory rate value shown after the second breath, then updating every breath thereafter.
It is built with NDIR infrared mainstream technology inside and performs a functional self check
each time it is powered on.
3.Easy to Use
Simply switch on, then connect to an ET-tube or breathing circuit and start measuring.
4.Rugged Design
It has a rugged, shock resistant and water resistant design to provide the user with a reliable monitor
for emergency situation.
5.Airway Adapter
It quickly and directly connects to endotracheal tubes, face masks or laryngeal masks via the airway adapter which are designed to make connection so simple and straight forward. We have two type airway adapter–
disposable airway adapter (adult or neonatal) and reusable airway adapter. (adult or neonatal)


Continuous and real-time capnogram of EtCO2 values.
Simple interface for quick set-up and easy to operating.
3.Audible and visual alarms
For no breath detected,no adapter,
check adapter,and adjustable high and low EtCO2 alarm.
With two standard AAA lithium batteries.


DescriptionCompact,battery-powered,quantitative capnograph for mainstream CO2 monitoring of adult,pediatric and infant patients.
MeasurementsCO2 partial pressure and respiratory rate
Measuring principle2 channel NDIR type gas analyzer,No moving parts
Warm upWaveform displayed within 10 seconds, meets specifications within 2 minutes (at 25°C room temperature)
CalibrationNo routine calibration required
CO2 Range0~99 mmHg
 0~9.9 %
 0~9.9 kPa
CO2 Resolution1mmHg or 0.1kPa or 0.1%
CO2 accuracy0~40mmHg ±2 mmHg
 41~99mmHg      ±8% of readings
 When RR is above 80 bpm     ±12% of readings
Drift of CO2 measurement accuracyShort drift:Less than 1 mmHg offset in 4 hours
 Long drift:Meet measurement accuracy requirements within 120 hours
CO2 noiseNoise RMS less than 1mmHg at 5% CO2
Total system response timeLess than 500ms
Recovery time afterUnaffected
defibrillator test 


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