Looking back on this year’s journey
In 2019 we participated in the Guangzhou exhibition in March.
We experienced the baptism of the Bologna exhibition in Italy.
We passed the Dubai Laser Exhibition.
We have also been to the New Delhi exhibition in India.
We also participated in the Turkish beauty exhibition.
Finally, we left our footprints at the Brazilian medical conference.
Now we are coming to Guangzhou again.
We are busy but happy in 3 days.

BEAUTYLASER team these days
Walk around every corner of the pavilion with your feet
Uniform clothing
Full of spirit, professional attitude
Is everyone’s first impression of us
Every exhibition
Meet old friends
meet new friends
Lead the exhibitors to visit
Provide detailed explanations and introductions
At the F31-F39 booth
The elite of the FETCH team left a busy footprint everywhere.

Exchange business cards
record information
Simple conversation
Is the memory symbol we leave for everyone.
We hope that in just a few minutes of getting along
with the fastest speed
Understand the needs of guests
Show our strength
The exhibition is over
We are reluctant to separate from the customer again
We will remember all the encounters at the Exhibition.
We feel passionate and affirmative
Everyone’s sincere smile makes us touched
The exhibition is over.
However, this exhibition has not faded.
Another exhibition is already in preparation…..

We will continue to welcome guests from all over the world with professional services.
Full cooperation
The end of the exhibition is just the beginning of our encounter.
The future is exciting!

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