What You Need to Know About Pico Laser Technology

Technology in the beauty and beauty industry is evolving rapidly. Few devices better represent the leaps and bounds we have experienced than picosecond lasers.

Skin imperfections, acne scars, discoloration, premature aging, unwanted tattoos, and other conditions can shake our confidence. You crave bright, radiant, youthful skin. If you share this feeling, picosecond laser technology may be the miracle solution you’ve been looking for. Fast, safe and non-invasive. Its findings are backed by solid scientific evidence, not to mention countless successful treatment cases and before and after beliefs.

This article explains what pico laser technology is, how it works, and how it can revolutionize the way you care for your skin.

What is pico laser technology?

Pico Laser Technology is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment that can be used to treat the most common skin imperfections such as sun damage and acne scars.

Pico technology is considered one of the most advanced laser treatments currently available on the market. It delivers noticeable and lasting results in fewer sessions than comparable options, is safe, requires minimal downtime, and can be used all over the face and body.

How do pico lasers work?

Picolaser technology enables rapid, effective and highly selective treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos (treatable colors). This laser also improves the skin’s elastin production, resulting in softer, plumper, more youthful-looking skin.

Picolasers transmit ultrashort pulses of energy into target problem areas without heat. The laser’s effect on the skin is intense, breaking up problematic skin pigments and particles. These are naturally excreted from the body.

Pico lasers are extremely precise, allowing practitioners to achieve optimal photomechanical effects. Although its energy impulse is highly concentrated, the laser’s effect is gentle on the outer layers of the skin. Pico treatment does not burn the skin. Patients usually experience little or no discomfort during treatment.

What treatments can be done with a picolaser?

Pico lasers can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions and blemishes. The most common are discoloration, scarring, and tattoo removal.

Pico laser for skin discoloration.

Although harmless, bruises, melasma, sun damage, and other skin discolorations can be a cause for concern for both men and women.Discolorations can also be difficult with conventional treatments. Pico lasers could be just that solution.

Picosecond laser, an innovative technology, can minimize inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Users can target specific areas and small skin patches to reduce the risk of heat damage. Additionally, pico lasers can be tuned to produce different wavelengths and fitted with different applicators to target and remove surface pigmentation.

The best part:

Pico Laser technology is powerful and effective with noticeable results in just one session of his. It is safe and popular with people with sensitive skin.

Pico laser for acne scars

Acne scars are very stubborn, often lasting for years and resisting other effective treatment protocols.

Pico laser treatment for acne scars works like this:

  • Laser creates a burn in the target area.
  • Damaged skin triggers the body’s natural healing process.
  • Collagen production is stimulated to repair and regenerate the skin.

Pico lasers have proven their ability to treat scars in a scientific setting.In one study, participants received six laser treatments targeted at acne scars on their faces. I was satisfied. It is also worth noting that if pain was an issue, patients were asked to provide an objective pain score for each treatment, with an average of 2.83 out of 10.

pico laser for tattoo removal.

Pico-laser treatment can also be used to remove unwanted tattoos anywhere on the body.The high specifications of this technology allow the device to break down the pigment in the tattoo faster, giving you the energy you need to achieve the desired results. less treatment.

Pico lasers are effective, but no tattoo removal laser can remove all colors of ink pigment from the skin.Black and gray ink are the easiest to remove, followed by dark green. Yellow, purple, and fluorescent shades are the most difficult to remove.

What are the advantages of the pico laser?

Do you compare pico lasers to other skin treatments?

Here are the key benefits that set Pico apart:

  • Because picolaser treatment is highly targeted, the risk of injury is reduced and minimized. Because of this, Pico is extremely safe and can be applied to any part of the face or body.
  • Pico laser treatment has no downtime. Redness and swelling may occur, but will subside within a few hours. Patients are usually able to resume normal activities immediately. Pico laser treatment is painless. You may experience mild, temporary discomfort, but it is nothing like a surgical or invasive treatment.
  • Picolasers help patients achieve desired results in fewer sessions than other laser techniques. Some achieve desired results in just one session.
  • Pico lasers have few side effects. You don’t have to worry about damaging your skin or dealing with unsightly or uncomfortable skin conditions.
  • Picolaser treatments are very quick, lasting 5-30 minutes per session.

Please remember that individual results may vary. If you want to know if Pico is the right choice for you and your skin concerns, talk to your trusted doctor.

Ready to try the Pico Laser for yourself?

If you are a practitioner and ready to provide your patients with acne removal, scar removal, sun damage removal, tattoo removal or other conditions. Please contact us immediately, we normally provide picosecond laser beauty machines in the form of factory direct sales.

Contact our friendly team or request a consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and arrange a date that is convenient for you. Leave your patients with youthful, radiant, flawless skin.

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