Cellulite, also known as cellulite, refers to a kind of spongy tissue, which is the result of poor metabolism of excess water and aging wastes around fat cells, which produces uneven ripples on the epidermis.

What is cellulite
What is cellulite? What are the symptoms and causes of cellulite? 2

Cause of formation

There are many reasons for it, including genetics, rapid weight loss, alcoholism, staying up late, sitting for a long time without exercise, or a surge in female hormones.
Cellulite is medically called cellulite. The fat cells become larger and accumulate in the connective tissue of the dermis. The intercellular spaces are small, squeezing the capillaries, causing water and metabolites to stay in the fat layer, so the skin surface presents a bumpy and irregular appearance. Because it looks similar to dried orange peel, it is also called cellulite.
The easiest reason for the formation of cellulite is the areas where there is not much exercise and the skin becomes less elastic. Insufficient exercise and relaxation caused by age are the main causes of cellulite. The human body is most likely to grow cellulite in the buttocks. Sponge tissue accumulates very quickly, which can easily make the buttocks appear loose and sagging. The role of skin support and elasticity is in the dermis, and then the subcutaneous tissue where fat is stored.

Health warning

The appearance of cellulite is a reminder to women’s health
In the past, people thought that cellulite was an inevitable fat accumulation that appeared with age. However, the latest scientific research results confirm that cellulite is formed in the body for a long time, and it is only revealed later. This result tells us that we must change our lifestyle, reconsider the amount of food we eat, and exercise more.
Cellulite is a unique structural change of adipose tissue. When the metabolism is disordered, the volume of adipose tissue increases, and the molecules in the adipose tissue extend beyond the gap between fat cells. As a result, tiny nodules of subcutaneous fat tissue are formed, which are filled with lymph fluid that easily accumulates toxins. The blood supply and the effective utilization of garbage in the body are destroyed. The result is that the skin is uneven and looks like orange peel. The appearance of cellulite will not hurt at all.

Predisposing factors

The cause of the disease is not very clear, and there are many predisposing factors. The cause and mechanism of cellulite is not yet fully understood. The main factor is considered to be a genetic factor-cellulite is only found in women, and it is inherited from the mother to the daughter, and then the daughter will pass it down. It is not yet certain whether it is related to age. To some extent, women are prone to cellulite, even young women and thin women. It may appear after sexual maturity in young women, usually during pregnancy, and most women appear at the beginning of menopause. A large number of causes can be caused by: 1. Endocrine disorders (such as reduced thyroid or pancreatic function, diabetes); 2. Vascular disease (atherosclerosis or hypertension); overweight or tending to be overweight; 3. Incorrect diet, exercise Less and unhealthy lifestyle; 4. Intensified life rhythm; 5. Deterioration of the urban ecological environment; 6. Taking hormonal contraceptives without the supervision of a doctor.

Appearance part

Cellulite often appears in the following parts of women: under the belly, buttocks, thighs, forearms, inner knees. Use two fingers to pinch the skin in these areas. If the skin is not smooth and there are some small bumps like orange peel, you already have reason to pay attention.
Cellulite is only seen in women, because of the special structure of adipose tissue in women. There is no threat to men, even those who rarely exercise and overeating. Experts analyze that, because of life extension reasons, women will accumulate fat in their bodies to prepare for the possible lack of diet.

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