Underarm Hair Removal Laser Treatment(Fast) | Laser Hair Removal in Delhi and Gurgaon

Underarm Hair Removal Laser Treatment(Fast) | Laser Hair Removal in Delhi and Gurgaon Laser Hair Removal on Indian Skin is done at our clinic in south Delhi and Gurgaon. We use a diode laser at......

Underarm Hair Removal Laser Treatment(Fast) | Laser Hair Removal in Delhi and Gurgaon

Laser Hair Removal on Indian Skin is done at our clinic in south Delhi and Gurgaon. We use a diode laser at our clinic in Delhi which is US FDA approved machine. Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon clinic is also done by an FDA approved diode.

This video is about armpit laser hair removal.

The steps involved in laser hair reduction include:
1. Marking the area where the laser has to be done.
2.Shaving the area
3. Applying a cooling gel
4.Passing the laser energy
5. Applying an anti-inflammatory cream after the session is over

We require 6-8 such sessions to achieve optimum results.

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About Zolie Skin Clinic- The Best Skin Clinic in Delhi:
Zolie Skin Clinic is a skin clinic in Delhi that provides specialized dermatological consultations, dermato-surgical and aesthetic procedures to treat a wide range of skin disorders. Our primary objective is to provide you with individualized and comprehensive skincare that exceeds your expectations.

We believe that you might be startled to realize how some niggling skin “issues” can be done away with using aesthetic dermatology procedures. In simple terms, there is no reason why problems like acne, acne scars, skin abrasions, warts, spots, etc. can be made much less an issue with our care.
Times have changed, and many skin problems can be mitigated and almost completely controlled in a few short, painless, safe and out-patient procedures.

It is true that many people still do not know that troublesome issues like facial hair, underarm hair, body hair, etc. can be eliminated through techniques such as Laser Hair Reduction.

Consult our skilled dermatologists about your skin type, say oily or dry and know how to clean, treat and protect your skin


Our Mission is to uplift people, to understand their worth and value so that they take empowering decisions for a more beautiful, fulfilling and prosperous life.

Services offered at Zolie Skin Clinic-
✔ Acne Treatment
✔ Anti- Wrinkle Injections
✔ Anti-aging Treatments
✔ Acne-Scars Treatment
✔ Chemical Facials
✔ Pigmentation Treatment
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✔ Laser Hair Reduction

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