[Sun Care] Here's your daily reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN! Even if all you have is purito, anything is better than nothing x | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


edit: to everyone that is unhappy with the content of my post, I apologise for the major upset that I have caused. I really didnt realise that wearing sunscreen was so controversial. I wanted to be helpful and post a friendly reminder to wear sunscreen, however I did not realise that this would be so upsetting for some of you. If you don’t want to wear sunscreen, dont wear sunscreen. Nobody can make you, especially not me. I was only trying to be helpful, I’m sorry again

I wear sunscreen as a preventative measure – I have dark skin so if I do not wear sunscreen, I am more prone to hyperpigmentation. My dermatologist told me that if I continue to wear sunscreen and take cooler showers (as opposed to my usual boiling hot ones), my hyperpigmentation will fade and if I continue with the sunscreen and warm (not hot) showers, there is no clear reason why I will struggle with hyperpigmentation again other than pregnancy. Had I started wearing sunscreen sooner, I may not have struggled so severely with Hyperpigmentation (specifically PIH) and so by creating this post, I just wanted to pass on my feelings towards the necessity of sunscreen – that’s all it was for xxxxx


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