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published on 2019-10-03 07:34 星期四

Seller’s Support:

1.Provide the sample machines: The seller shall provide 1 set of sampling machines at the special price for buyer to conduct test and market promotion.

2.Exhibition support: If the fair in the region at which the buyer is located at belongs to an fair of international medical or beauty industry, and if the seller agrees to attend the fair, part of position expenses (specific amount should be agreed by both parties according to the scale of the fair, and the seller could use its machine(s) to offset those expenses). The fair should ensure the promotion function for seller’s brands.

3.Support of fittings of the products: The seller provides maintenance fittings to the buyer at cost price for buyer to provide maintenance service to users after sales of the machines.

4.Support of technical training:

1) The seller shall provide training program to one maintenance engineer and operations instructor for the operation of the machines specified in this agreement free of charge. The trainee is assigned by the buyer to receive training. The expenses for visa application, traveling and accommodation of the trainee should be borne by the buyer.

2) The buyer can apply for maintenance engineer from the seller to provide technical and maintenance support. During which, the expenses of salary, welfare, visa application, return air tickets, food and accommodation, as well as transportation of the seller’s employee should be borne by the buyer.

3) The seller could provide long-distance training program on the use, operation and maintenance of the products for the buyer by means of e-mail, video and MSN, etc.

After-sales Services

1.The seller provides seller with free maintenance service in the maintenance service stations appointed by the seller in Chinese Mainland within 12 months after delivery of the goods. If the buyer chooses to maintain the machines outside Chinese Mainland, the seller shall offer spare parts to the buyer for free and the buyer installs the parts by himself or seller sends engineers to provide door-to-door services, and the expenses of transportation and traveling should be borne by the buyer (quick-wear parts are not included in the scope of warranty).

2.If the parts are damaged caused by improper handling or collision, and unfavorable environment, the seller should provide service for the buyer according to Annex IV, Price List of Maintenance Parts.

3.When seller send the machines to the buyer, If the buyer find the machines have quality problems, after the buyer checking and confirming the quality problems exist before they send the machines, The seller will charge the shipping fee

4.If the buyer sends engineers to study maintenance technology at seller’s site, after the examination organized by the seller, seller should provide the buyer with a batch of spare parts at preferential price for the buyer to use them in the maintenance

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