[Routine help] I don't use cleanser, just a microfiber cloth. Is that ok? | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020



I’m not a skincare newb by any means. I haven’t owned a facial cleanser for years, I just use a wet microfiber cloth that I feel does a great job. I only get acne once a month (just one big zit on my chin like clockwork).

My daily/weekly (in no particular order) is:

Tretinoin 0.1%, hydroboost, cerave in a tub, TO pycogenol, TO bio oil, Paula’s choice bha 2%, TO glycolic acid, a Japanese SPF 50++++ sunscreen that I can’t remember the name of.

I hardly ever wear makeup but even when I do, I feel like the microfiber cloth gets it all off. I’m 33 but my skin looks like it’s in its mid/late 20s and I don’t get breakouts.

I’ve been going down a YouTube rabbithole of dermatologists describing their nightly routines and they all talk about how important cleansing is and now it’s got me doubting myself, even though I’ve been using just a wash cloth for years. What’s y’alls opinions?


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