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published on Jan 21, 2020


For over 10 years, I have never ever, once, had fully soft lips (literally).

I have tried using many different lip care products. Lip balm, lip scrub etc. My top fav lip care product was Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which really helped. Each night, I would slap a thick layer of laneige on my lips. And in the morning, the cracked bleeding lips would become less cracked. The bleed would stop. But, just like always, my lips would still have that semi dry skin patches on them. And while I eat etc. and carry on with my day, I would start to feel the semi-dry skin patches become drier. Even when I put a lip balm on my lips during the day, I would still feel my dry lips underneath the balm! Good days = softer skin patches. Bad days = dry patches that bleed out when I talk/eat. Like no matter what I never ever experienced having fully, completely soft lips. Not until my dumbass tried out Vanicream Moisturizing Cream on my lips.

Product: Vanicream Moisturizing Cream.

First night: Right before bed.
– Layer 1: Massage the Vanicream into your widen lips in a circular motion (try to avoid the inner area so that it doesnt get into your mouth too much. The taste is horrible lol).
– Layer 2: Massage the Vanicream onto your widen lips in a left-right motion.
– Layer 3: Softly, layer a thick layer of Vanicream onto your lips. Spread it left and right (softlyyy). The cream would look smooth on your lips but still white.
– Go to sleep.

Next morning: Wet your finger and slowly rub off the Vanicream softly.
– If your lips still have semi-hard-dry patches on them. Use your day lip balm throughout the day and repeat the night routine again.
– If your lips now have super soft, peeling patches: gently rub all the peels off (you might need to use your nail to scrape them off but SOFTLY). Congrats!! Your lips are now super soft. Put on a day lip balm throughout the day to maintain.

To maintain: Use lip balm throughout the day and put on a thick layer of lip balm during the night. Use Vanicream as needed (doesnt have to be the 3-layer method)!!

Personally for me, my lips completely peeled and became 100% soft, the morning after the second night of 3-layers-Vanicream. To maintain, I have been using normal lip balm during the day (burts bee). Laneige/Vanicream during the night, depending on how my lips are. It’s been a week and my lips are still super soft! No skin patches. No peels. Just one smooth and soft texture. I was so excited I showed it to my mom, my dad, video called my friends (since everyone knows I have dry lips lol). Like, I genuinely have never had lips with no skin patches. It’s soooo exciting.

Ps. I did not get any acne/pimples/whiteheads around my lips. I did not feel any odd burn when applying Vanicream into/onto my lips. I have yet to see any side effects!!


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