[Review] Ponds Cold Cream, 1 week | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


Dayyyum… I am genuinely surprised as to how good this product is. Great at removing makeup obviously, however I’m not a big makeup person these days. I’ve used this sporadically over the years for removing makeup (when I used more in the pre Covid-19 world). Recently I started using it as a mask at night and also as something slippery to use while I do my nighttime face massage. I leave it on for a few minutes after I use micellar water and then rinse off with face wash followed by retinol and moisturizer. I wanted to find the scent free kind but it’s sold out everywhere so I stuck with the classic (I’m also not sensitive to fragrance as far as I’m aware although I try to stay away from it). I do have oily, acne prone skin so I was skeptical about this product but I wanted to give it a try. Texturally my skin has improved and my pimples have shrunk. I have not changed my routine at all besides this. This is a pleasant surprise! It’s also so cheap- so great bang for your buck. However, as far as I’m aware, ponds is still not cruelty free (correct me if I’m wrong). I do try to stay with cruelty free products for the majority of my cosmetics, so if you have an alternative suggestion I’d love to know! It is hard though as someone who has tricky skin to find things that actually work and don’t break me out/cause funky issues. Anyways just genuinely surprised and excited and wanted to share/see if any of y’all have had similar experiences with ponds cold cream.


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