Hair Removal Laser | Long Pulse 1064nm Hair Removal Laser

When heat is absorbed by melanophore in hair follicle, it makes hair removal.In addition, long pulsed Nd:Yag Laser can treat in more superficial level; by heating the subcutaneous skin (in a non-ablative manner) it stimulates neocollagenesis which improves the appearance of facial wrinkles.

RF Excited Co2 Fractional Laser KR-C8

As the collagen remodels, the skin is tightened, scars and pigmented lesions are improved as well.

Multifunction IPL and Nd: Yag Laser

Combining a variety of powers and giving full play to solar energy, bipolar RF and laser, it has a significant clinical effect and has been proved to safely and effectively apply to different skin types and skin complexion.

CE laser soft light nd yag 1064 nm long pulse hair removal machine

Nd:YAG laser is a solid state laser capable of producing a near-infrared wavelength that penetrates deep into the skin and is readily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin chromophores.Can be a good help to care for the skin.

Diode Laser/808nm diode hair removal laser KR-D7

The laser light can be absorbed by hair shaft and hair follicles in the melanin, and converted into heat, thus increasing the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature raises high enough to irreversibly damage the hair follicle structure, which disappear after a period of natural physiological processes of hair follicles and thus achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal

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