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published on Jan 21, 2020


Pregnant with Perioral Dermatitis

As the title suggests, I am 14 weeks pregnant (with identical twin girls! yay) and have a pretty bad case of perioral dematitis. I have only had a flare up one other time in my life- 16 years ago.

I went to see a derm last week and was told that I have “limited” treatment options because I am pregnant. She currently has me using Cerevae face wash followed by 10% azelaic acid both in the AM and PM. That’s it. It doesn’t seem to be working at all; it might even be getting worse.

Before seeing the derm I had tried many different things but have only made it more angry. I feel so defeated.

Has anyone experienced this while pregnant? Am I stuck with this rapidly spreading rash until they’re born? My face is getting bigger by the minute and the PD is just getting more real estate lol

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