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published on Jan 21, 2020


This might just be a testament to how nasty I am as a human, or maybe I’m not the only one and I’ll help someone out.

So my right cheek has had horrible acne for a couple of months. JUST the right one. The rest of my face is clear aside from the occasional breakout. Why? Was it because I sleep on my right side? That’s what I thought for the longest time and always kept up with changing out my pillowcases, but I still broke out. I could not pinpoint the cause. What was I doing to my right cheek that I was not doing to the rest of my face?

WELL I figured it out. I wash my hands after I pee and before I brush my teeth. I brush my teeth before I do my face routine because I want to make sure my face routine removes any toothpaste that might drip around my mouth. When I brush my teeth, I hold my toothbrush with my right hand. I use my right hand to put products on my right cheek, and my left hand to put products on my left cheek. Turns out, the handle of my toothbrush is kinda disgusting.

I have one of those little ceramic cups that I hold my toothbrush in. I got this particular one a couple months ago. Turns out that that cup has been filling with a little bit of rinsed-toothbrush water every time I brush my teeth. Apparently it’s been dripping down the handle of the brush and into the cup. That water, of course, has remnants from my mouth in it. So my toothbrush handle basically soaks in this cess pool all day every day. I haven’t noticed the handle being wet because my hands are usually still wet from washing them after I pee. I haven’t noticed the water inside the cup because it’s not see-through and I just don’t look down into the cup. Until about a week and a half ago, when I decided to clean this particular countertop fixture and discovered the cess pit.

So basically, I’ve been rubbing mouth bacteria into my cheek every morning and every night. Lovely. Since then, Ive done my face routine BEFORE brushing my teeth, and I also got a new toothbrush and a new holder that is not a cup. Guess what? Right cheek is clearing up. All of the cysts are practically gone. Because I’m slightly less of a nasty bitch.

So now that I’ve grossed everyone out, go check your toothbrush holders if you haven’t done so in a while. Probably you have, but maybe some of you are nasty like me.


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