New technology for moisturizing and skin rejuvenation.

De Masa IV
The fourth generation of de masa
The perfect combination of smart radio frequency and water light

Many people have the same problem. They drink a lot of water a day, but they always feel that their skin is dehydrated. Once the skin is dehydrated, all kinds of dry lines and fine lines, large pores will follow one after another, and hydration becomes an indispensable link.

At present, there are various methods of replenishing water on the market, and consumers are increasingly demanding products. In addition to considering the safety and effectiveness of the products, they are also particularly concerned about the cost-effectiveness and comfort of the products. Next, let’s talk about the “Radio Frequency and Water-Light Combination—Fourth Generation Demasa Moisturizing and Anti-aging Equipment” from Kr Laser, which meets the needs of those seeking beauty. Compared with other water-light instruments, the radio frequency micro-needle function has been added, and it will be born in 2020 and is very popular in the beauty industry.


Flaser technology upgrade and unique patent.

A beauty instrument that integrates electronic water light and radio frequency micro-needle technology. The fourth generation of DeMasha is not only a smart water light instrument. It is based on the third generation of DeMasa, adding radio frequency microneedle hand tools, radio frequency micro The needle combines micro-needle minimally invasive, high-temperature radiofrequency, and transdermal drug delivery technologies, which can safely, accurately, and evenly heat the collagen in the deep dermis, promote collagen regeneration and reorganization, and have the moisturizing effect of the third generation of Biedemasha Better, and at the same time increase the effect of anti-acne and anti-aging.


Therapeutic efficacy of Flaser IV De Martha.

  • Deeply moisturize and supplement the nutrients needed by the skin.
  • Activate the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, enhance skin elasticity and gloss, and prevent skin aging.
  • Hidden pores, delicate skin texture.
  • Facial rejuvenation, whitening skin, firming and lifting.
  • Improve facial wrinkles: eye corner lines, crow’s feet lines, forehead lines, neck lines.
  • Skin reconstruction: acne marks, stretch marks, sunken scars.


Scope of application of Flaser IV De Martha.

Scope of application: anti-aging and firming, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing and rejuvenating skin, moisturizing and softening skin, skin reconstruction, removing stretch marks.


Advantages of Flaser IV DeMartha Project.

The new solution doubles the effect.

Radio frequency skin tightening technology, micro-crystal peeling technology, water injection technology to supplement the nutrients needed by the dermis. Breaking through the traditional unity, the dermis layer directly emits radio frequency energy, and at the same time, the penetration depth and radio frequency energy of the microneedle can be adjusted according to different degrees of adaptation, which doubles the curative effect.

Slightly scabs, colorless, perfect effect.

The golden microneedle uses a uniquely designed insulated microneedle to avoid irritation of the epidermis. The needle tip reaches the depth and releases energy without thermal damage to the epidermal tissue. There will be no adverse reactions such as scabs and coloration after the operation. The effect is perfect.

The effect is remarkable.

Precisely target tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance monitoring, personalized settings for different symptoms such as wrinkles, sagging, acne, scars, etc., so that the skin can be quickly restored to a young and healthy state. The longer the time, the better the effect. Maintain 3-6 years.


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