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published on Jan 21, 2020


If you’re new to SkincareAddiction: welcome!

This thread is the best place to start if you have questions about skincare products, your routine, and your skin. Our community is knowledgeable, and we want to help you have the best skin of your life!

#Do you have a question?

###Step 1: Read our resources

Be sure to check out our [FAQ]( and [Wiki](! There are a lot of topics covered in those links, but some of the most popular guides include:


* [The ScA Routine]( *(Need a routine? Start here!)*

* [Routine Order](

* [HG Product Recommendations](


* [Acne](

* [Hyperigmentation]( *(including dark acne ‘scars’/marks, melasma, etc.)*

* [Dehydrated Skin](


Or search the sub using [this awesome website](,comments). You might find a solution to your problem there!

If you can’t find an answer, or you have additional questions after reading, please move on to step 2!


###Step 2: Ask for help

To give you the best advice possible, our users need relevant information about your skin and skincare. With your request for help please include:


* **The issue(s)** you need help with. It’s helpful to put your questions at the top of your comment (especially if it’s a long one)!

* **Skin type**. It’s OK to be subjective, how do you feel your skin is? Oily, dry? If you need help clarifying, check out [this guide on skin types](

* **Current routine** with the full names of your products (try to separate it in to Morning, Evening, and Occasionally used)

* **How long** you have been using your current routine, or product in question

* **Anything new** you’ve introduced or started doing that might change the condition of your skin

* **Your location** so we can recommend products/services available to you


Thanks for taking the time to include your information!


#Would you like to give advice?

Firstly, thank you so much for helping out our community – without your knowledge and time ScA would not be the same!

Some things we’d ask for you to keep in mind: please don’t just downvote someone’s opinion or response because you disagree.

If you can, please take the time to tell them why you think their advice may be incorrect or harmful. It’s better for people to understand why something is a poor choice, instead of just being told that it is one!

Once a year, we have a big thank you post for everyone who has helped out in the DHT where we give out nifty flairs & gold to exceptionally informative and kind users. Check out our list of [ScA Helpers]( and [our most recent thank you post](!

Whether it be in-depth responses that deserve to be their own guides, thoughtful product recommendations, or simply pointing someone in the right direction, we appreciate all the time and effort you’ve made to help others!

#[Previous Threads](


*This thread is posted every day at 12:00am ET.*


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