[Misc] Used? Rose Quartz Facial Roller Gift | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


So I asked for a facial roller as a Christmas gift. I texted my mom two different types of rollers that were cheaper than usual. I got the gift yesterday, but it wasn’t in a box or have any packaging (which is really unusual). I’m worried that my mom has bought it used from a goodwill or similar consignment store (where she’s been known to shop before). The roller appears in good condition and doesn’t have any defects…but I can’t get over the idea that someone else has probably used this on their body and who knows where it’s been since my mom purchased it. Am I being a snob, or would this bother anyone else? I keep thinking I should just wipe it down with alcohol swabs, but it makes me sick to think of rubbing something on my face that has been used by a stranger and probably handled by multiple people in the consignment store. What are your thoughts?


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