[Misc] Unpopular Opinion: The Ordinary is overhyped + has low-quality formulations | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


TL;DR: Given how hyped, affordable, and transparent The Ordinary is, their low-quality formulations have disappointed me and did not meet my expectations/are sub-par.

I’d first like to start with a **disclaimer**: This thread is my personal opinion, I understand there’s a lot of people out there who disagree with me and that’s fine! Though I also want to add that I’ve met a lot of other people who have run into the same problems as I have with The Ordinary’s products, further validating my opinion and such.

In my experience, a lot of TO’s products tend to have very cheap and low-quality formulations. While I do appreciate the fact the company is very straightforward and transparent about their formulations and put in an effort to make their products affordable and reasonably priced, the quality just ruins everything for me and I try to stay far away from their products.

A lot of the products tend to pill, especially their products with niacinamide for some reason. My best example would be the niacinamide serum with zinc, most of the time the product will pill. A lot. Especially with my sunscreens, moisturizers, and base makeup if I’m wearing any. It also doesn’t absorb well and kind of just stays on my skin like a sticky, tacky layer. At first, I thought that was just the nature of niacinamide, however, when I purchased a few other niacinamide serums, like the one by Beauty of Joseon, I realized that TO just had bad formulations. My other serums absorbed very well, delivered much faster results, and did not pill at all. This frustrated me a lot because of how much hype TO gets, especially for that niacinamide serum.

Not only that, I tried their BHA peeling mask and it just didn’t work. I’ve tried applying it thinly, thickly, et cetera, and I saw absolutely no results. It just dried out my skin, even though I have oily skin. Though, that could just be because it simply does not work on me. It could work very well on other people, but in my case, it did not work.

If I had to choose, I’d 100% choose the Inkey List over TO because while I’ve never tried it before, a lot of people online say their formulations are a lot better quality than TO for a similar price point. Though in reality, I wouldn’t choose either, since I don’t use Western skincare (the only Western item I have in my routine is the red-colored eye cream from Versed, I think it’s the one with algae and is in a small mint green tub)


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