[misc] for Christmas my mom got me an appointment with a derm and paid for my prescription, trentinoin. It’s really harsh and I don’t think I can financially maintain this routine? I have a few questions: | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


•Why are skin care things even perscpritpion at all? Why can’t I just use an OTC retinol?
•is it normal for this to be so aggressive feeling? All I use besides the Trentinoin is cereve gentile cleanser and moisturizer. I use just water in the morning because it’s DO dry and find I need to keep reapplying big moisturizer

I just don’t understand how it could be good for me to become reliant on this super harsh treatment that’s for some reason prescription only?

For the record I do have a ton of hyper pigmentation and a little acne so it makes sense why she prescribed it. I’m just wondering if it’s needed


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