[Misc] Differin gel experience | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


Okay so I only used differin for a month but it made my skin look so much worse I had to stop for the sake of my mental health. I started using it because I had quite a bit of really tiny bumps on my cheeks (only I could see them up close in the mirror but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my skin so it bothered me) & I had some pimples that would pop up around my period. I was hoping differin would clear up everything. I knew it was supposed to purge but I thought it wouldn’t be that bad since I only had mild acne. Now, after a month, my cheeks are covered in spots- so many more bumps and hyperpigmentation.

I know it has worked wonders for a lot of people, but I just couldn’t get past the purging stage since my skin wasn’t even that bad to begin with. I stopped a few days ago and hoping my skin will start to improve. Anyone else have an experience like this with differin?


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