Looking to tweak my routine (but wow never thought just having one would make such a difference!) [routine help] | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


So for 32 years my skincare routine consisted of never washing off my makeup off at night, washing my face with whatever soap was handy in the morning and occasionally slathering on some product or mask that I thought would be a miracle fix.

I’ve been doing a skincare routine morning and evening for 2 weeks (only been consistent this past week) and holy crap what A difference already…I don’t know why I doubted that it would be worth it for so long. Redness and texture is better, under eye bags improved; smaller pores, blackheads seem to be going away – far from perfect but still such a difference. Anyway I’m hooked

Still new to this so would love some insights as to whether I’m on the right track, if there are other things I should be adding – current routine:

Morning – cleanse with eveanHealy rose cleansing milk; the inkey list vitamin c mixed with fab ultra repair hydrating serum; fab ultra repair cream

Evening: cleanse with cleansing milk; cosrx original clear pad every other day; qrx labs glycolic acid 10% pad once a week; fab ultra repair hydrating serum; fab hydra-firm sleep cream

I’ll also slap on some Shea butter on any areas that Are feeling particularly dry

Planning to add ilia super skin tint serum for spf just waiting on my order to come in, that will add niacinamide as well and I will probably nix the am moisturizer at that point

Skin is combination, blackheads on nose, fine lines on forehead and around eyes, hormonal acne on my chin, kp on cheeks, sensitive and prone to redness


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