Spot is a very common skin problem, which is easy to appear on people’s faces. It makes people’s faces look unnatural, which is a psychological burden for beauty lovers. People have tried many kinds of freckle removing methods, the effect is not very good and other problems are easy to appear. Freckle removing beauty instrument is a good helper to solve the problem of freckle, so what are the more popular freckle removing beauty instruments at present?

Laser beauty instrument is a kind of common equipment, especially the Q-switched laser beauty instrument has a good effect on freckle removal. Q-switched laser beauty instrument is divided into active Q-switched laser instrument and passive Q-switched laser instrument. The active Q-switched laser instrument is also known as electro-optic Q-switched laser instrument, which has a good effect on the removal of pigmentation problems such as nevus of Ota, nevus of ITO, chloasma, Mongolian spot, seborrheic keratosis, etc.

KR Laser professional Q switched Nd yag, integrated with advanced security technology, adopting thsafety flat cap”technology, the dual advantage of freckle energy density is uniform, neither cause skin bleeding, nor produce pigmentation and hypopigtion phenomenon. No side effects andcould complete the treatment in 0. 5 minutes, quickly and easily! each interval time is reduced to7-15 days

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