hifu anti aging machine

HIFU (HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND) machine is an anti-aging and slimming beauty equipment. The machine uses ultrasound techniques to increase skin collagen in the deep skin, fresh neocketoids will replace old, aging collagen. This new collagen can improve and tighten the skin in nature, significant results. Our product range includes a variety of portable 3d hifu machines, 4d hifu and hifu machines with 5 cartridges for high intensity focused ultrasound (facial and vaginal tightening). Here you are sure to find the best HIFU slimming machine to suit your budget at a low price.


Portable 7D HIFU KR-UTFII "Maro & Micro High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System" Non-Surgical Treatment of Face lifting, Body Firming and Body Contouring System.