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published on Jan 21, 2020


Sorry for the long post. I (26F) started having bad acne I believe from the Merina birth control. I mentioned it to my gynecologist and she immediately prescribed me to 100mg a day of Spironolactone in January 2020. I assumed if she was able to prescribe it to me so easily without asking much about my health that it wasn’t necessary to consult my family doctor about it? Assumed it wasn’t a super serious medication, my roommate mentioned taking it and felt fine with it. After some time, I started experiencing chest pain, numbness, and tingling during my runs (I run about everyday). It got so bad I was pretty scared and wasn’t sure if it was from the meds or something else so I stopped taking the meds.

Continued to have mild chest pains every now and then but felt alright enough to not mention it to a doctor (with corona virus starting this year I didn’t want to deal with going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary). Still struggled with acne and in November a skin doctor also recommended the medication. I mentioned my previous experience with it but I wasn’t positive if it was the cause of my issues. The doc said it’s possible I had too much potassium but she thought it was worth a shot to try again but with a lower dose, she prescribed me 50mg a day but since I was still nervous I only took 25mg. But have now been having chest pain/tightness again so I can only assume it’s from this medication so I stopped taking it a week ago. Just seems odd since I’ve been taking such a low dose…

The mild chest pains have happened a little since but today, after my long run, it got bad enough and also made me light headed that I am concerned, as my chest still feels somewhat tight tonight. I am wondering if it just takes a little bit for my body to return to normal or if I should go see a doctor tomorrow to check my potassium levels.. (only even worried about my potassium levels because of what I’ve read online as both of my doctors either didn’t mention it or acted as if it would not be a problem.)


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