[Acne] I've been lurking here for over a year, during which my acne has only become more aggressive. Is it time to get help? | Kr Laser

published on Jan 21, 2020


I’ve had acne for about five years now, and it’s only gotten worse and hasn’t even improved slightly since starting university (which i expected it would as I had to leave my job in healthcare, which obviously required significant amounts of mask wearing a week).

I don’t drink soft drinks or eat junk food, and am vegetarian so i don’t believe my diet is a major contributing factor.

I’ve tried introducing niacinamide and salicylic acid to my skin slowly and individually however this had very little impact on my skin, so i have been doing a more simple routine detailed below:


– Cerave hydrating cleanser

– Cerave AM moisturising lotion (SPF 25)



– Cerave hydrating cleanser

– Cerave moisturising cream (in the tub woo!)


I also shave once or twice a week with Gillette series sensetive gel and a fresh Gillette mach 3 razor. It may also be worth noting that over summer I grew out my facial hair and my skin liked this even less than being shaved regularly :/


Thank you so much to anyone that reads all of my waffle, pictures are below:



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